Water / Oil Emulsion Characterisation Studies
  • Emulsion forming tendencies.
  • Chemical breaker treatments.
  • Treatment separation efficiency.
Reservoir Fluid Characterisation Studies
  • Bubble points, dew points, Phase Envelope in reservoir, Constant Composition Expansion, Condensate dropout.
Production PVT  Studies
  • Production fluids characterisation studies.
  • Condensate production, phase envelope at surface.
  • Equation of State phase envelope cross-checks.
  • Gas corrosion inhibitors.
  • Topside systems performance.
  • Compressor blow by & injectivity impairment.
Hydrates (S I, II &-H Type), Especially Water Dominant Systems
  • Suppressant chemical optimisation.
  • Flow assurance & production, hydrate formation tendencies at subsea wellheads.
Geochemical Finger Printing
  • Geochemical fingerprinting SARA, PARA for effective treatment design.
Production Damage Studies
  • Damaged permeability, Skin and Flow Efficiency.
  • Spurt loss.
  • Filtration Flood Front (measurement & modelling) vs. optimised perforation depth for cased & perforated completions.
  • Dynamics and characterisation of filter cake formation.
  • Filter cake lift-off pressure and cleanup profile.
Critical (Interstitial) Velocity /  Fines Migration
  • Pre and post core real-time humidity control and measurements.
  • Fines production measurements.


Triaxial holder with reservoir-matched crude & gas fluid flow rates and gas properties (density, viscosity, water saturation) to determine critical velocity for fines movement.