How do we get More for Less?


  • Third Party (Independent) testing of drilling & completion systems under “real” reservoir-drilling-completion conditions
  • We are a “Solutions Driven” company & work for the operator; not the drilling fluid or completion systems company.
  • We redesign, optimize and propose alternatives
  • We don’t rely on computer modelling, we measure, produce & analyse “real” data at D&C conditions.
  • We use our knowledge, experience and “real” data to provide solutions and make recommendations.
  • If we don’t have the equipment to solve a unique problem, we design & fabricate to provide a solution.

Drilling & Completions

Oilfield Technologies classifies the reservoir pore geometry clay location and type. A pore throat model is built for each reservoir, which allows for the drilling fluid and bridging package to be optimized, to be ‘reservoir-matched’.

Cement Integrity

Chandler certified & calibrated cement equipment & staff to carry out testing; on primary design, slurry, displacement and provide remediation review. Third party cross checks are also avaliable for thickening time, free water, fluid loss, compressive strength, rheologies and UCA compressive strength.


Increase barrels of oil at a lesser cost. Our specialisation is well productivity. Let us optimise your reservoir through production damage studies, water / oil emulsion characterisation studies, production pvt studies and understanding critical velocity and fines migration.

Engineering & Consulting

Provision of drilling mud services & completion / production engineering consulting & services. Cement Consulting Services (Oilfield Technologies / Oilfield Testing & Consulting (Dr. Greg Garrison) & Cement Specialist (Mike Cowan).